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i made it last night in the crock-pot and it was fantastic!

put in crock-pot:
one 2lb piece of beef or pork, cut into 4 pieces and browned
1 qt. chicken stock (1st deglaze pan from browning meat)
1 lg can mild green chiles (leave whole)
1 can hominy
cumin, s+p and oregano, few bay leaves



i should have served it with cilantro, shredded jack and avocado, but only had lime. homemade tortillas a la diana kennedy were SO easy:
2 C flour, 1/4 c room temp veg shortening, 1 t salt dissolved in 3/4- 1 c warm water.
blend fat + flour, add water until you have a soft dough and knead for about 4 min. make little balls (8-ish). let rest 15 min. roll. cook in iron skillet on med heat until brown spots appear. EAT!!

UPDATE: i made this again but added a can of chipotle peppers. they imparted an amazing, smoky flavor.


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