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lunch thursday

for lunch i used the rest of the huge bag of arugula i brought back from the coast. it’s the most beautiful arugula i’ve ever seen with amazing flavor, and i’ve never seen it cheaper. for a town that demands $8 for a lb of butter and $8.50 for the sunday newspaper, i can only assume they mis- marked it.

i washed it thoroughly and found a small slug in the salad spinner. once i put a blow-pop in my mouth that had been on the shelf and it was covered in sugar ants. seeing the slug gave me the same rush of panic and disgust. i sorted through the greens quickly and made a great salad anyway.

there was cold, grilled salmon in the fridge from a couple of nights ago. leftover salmon is great for salads. i just piled up the arugula, broke the salmon up into small pieces, and added a grilled zucchini from the same night. i drizzled on some olive oil, squeezed about half of a small lemon over it, and added a little salt and pepper. sometimes i really enjoy just a simple, clean salad with very few but extremely distinct flavors that compliment each other. i wanted a glass of pinot grigio, but it was only noon and i had work to do…


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