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i love a provencal salad. the same combination of flavors works great in pasta.

over an open flame on your burner, or under a broiler, roast a red pepper. after it has blistered and partly blackened, remove and put into a plastic or paper bag. i try to not use plastic bags, but if i have one around i’m going to throw away anyway, i use that. as it cools the pepper steams, and you can rub the charred skin off of the pepper in the bag without making a huge mess or rinsing the pepper [which rinses away good flavor].

in a hot skillet with some olive oil, wilt some broccoli rabe [rapini]. take out of pan and set aside.

cook your pasta; i like angel hair pasta with shrimp. try to time it with the cooking of the shrimp; you want to be draining the pasta while the shrimp are cooking.

add more olive oil to the skillet and throw in peeled and deveined shrimp. i like to use big shrimp, around the 10-12 pieces/lb. size. the shrimp have a much better flavor at that size, and they are large enough that you can put them in a hot skillet and they will brown a bit before they overcook. let the shrimp brown, then turn them over.

drain the pasta and add [to the pasta] olive oil, salt, pepper, a handful of chopped basil, and a couple cloves of garlic chopped fine. some red chile flakes are good.

when the shrimp are finished cooking [don’t overcook them], squeeze the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon over them. add chopped olives [i used mild green ones, but you can use whatever kind you prefer], chopped roasted red pepper, and chopped italian, flat leaf parsley.

serve the pasta on the bottom with the rapini, then add the shrimp mixture. garnish with crumbled feta and capers. i’m not a fan of capers, but i used large, wild, salted capers that were not in brine and they were pretty good.


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