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the problem with my newly remodeled kitchen, not much else is getting done around the castle. the moat is nearly dry, the turret needs dusting, you get the picture…


this slaw is a one-pan dish, my favorite. serve it warm.

heat to very hot temp (just before smoking point): 1 T each: coconut oil, grape seed oil and sesame oil. put into skillet 1/2 of a large white cabbage, shredded. allow to sit for a minute to brown, then with tongs, toss. allow to brown again. continue until cabbage just starts to turn limp, then remove from heat.

add: 1/4 c rice vinegar, 2 T mirin, 1-2 T chili oil, 1T seaweed flakes, 1-2 T soy sauce
[to taste], juice of 1/2 a lemon, 1 T toasted sesame seeds, 2 t sea salt, ground black pepper, chopped parsley, 1 t sugar. garnish with chopped toasted almonds, if you like.


slice 1 english cucumber, thinly. in a small pan combine: 1/2 c good, fragrant vodka [try your local distillers], 1/4 c rice vinegar, 1 T olive oil, 3 smashed, dried juniper berries, a 1/2 inch square cube of ginger, peeled, 2 T mirin or sake, 1 t sea salt, and
1 T sugar. simmer for 3 to 4 minutes, do not allow to reduce. pour over sliced cucumbers, remove juniper berries and ginger, and add freshly ground pepper.

this can also be combined with thin slices fennel and/or jicama. serve warm or chill.


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