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at the farmers’ market last week i found these fava bean greens. i had never seen them before anywhere, but i will eat just about any green leaf flash fried with olive oil and salt and pepper. i started them in hot olive oil, then after a minute added a bit of water and a lid to steam them. they have thick stems. i removed the lid and allowed the moisture to evaporate, then added a little more olive oil when i served them.

the greens, when fresh, look like a larger, thicker version of a pea vine.

we served it with some boiled beets, goat feta, and black walnuts that had been toasted a bit in olive oil. i love black walnuts, they remind me of my grandparents’ home in massachusetts. the flavor of the greens was really great, but the stems may be a bit tough for some people, although it didn’t bother me…


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i’m not a huge fan of mixed chicken salad. first, i don’t like mayonnaise much, and second, i like stuff with it that i would not necessarily want to put into one creamy salad mass. i had leftover roasted beets and turkey which are a great combination; but put beets in a traditional creamy salad and the whole thing turns pink.

i like to layer salad on my plate, then add a dressing, or just olive oil and vinegar.
i chopped up a couple of stalks of celery and put them in the bottom of a pasta bowl.
i like the pasta bowl for salad. on top of it i piled a grapefruit, peeled and sectioned with a knife, sliced beets, chopped up roasted turkey, chopped flat- leaf parsley, dried cherries and slivered almonds. i just drizzled olive oil and some balsamic vinegar over it, salt and pepper.

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roasted beets

beets, ample olive oil, and sea salt. roast in a hot, 400 degree oven until they blister and the roots become crisp like little twiggy chips. i love the flavor beets get when they start to caramelize on the outside. then again, i like my bacon burned, too.

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_DSC3883i am craving beets. i think i have made these 6 times already this summer and i still am craving them.

boil or roast (350 degrees) beets until tender. while hot, cut the stub off at the top and push the skins off (i use rubber gloves). slice.

in a skillet toast nuts in about 1/2 cup of olive oil until brown but not burned. i use hazelnuts, walnuts, or slivered almonds. pour nuts and oil over sliced beets, salt and pepper to taste, and toss gently. add extra olive oil if necessary– i like a lot of great spanish olive oil. add cubed ricotta salada or feta on top, an extra grind of pepper, and serve warm.

if your beets came with greens, saute in a hot wok with oil and eat over pasta with roasted garlic and more toasted nuts and cheese, or just with olive oil, salt, pepper and reggiano.

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