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I came across this bag of White Bordal Scarlet Runner beans that I had purchased in Tucson at Native Seeds Search while visiting at Christmas time. White Bordal beans [often called ‘Mortgage Lifters’ because of their large size] have a delicious flavor and meaty texture, perfect for salads or just slathering in olive oil.

They had been in my pantry for months so I was not sure if they would be very good, but they were delicious.

Like most beans, you need to soak them over night. The only beans I don’t bother soaking are dried lima beans. I find they can boil up nicely right out of the bag without adverse effects. I soaked my beans for about 10 hours; not because they needed the extra couple of hours, but because I was distracted and lazy. They nearly triple in size, so give them adequate water.

After rinsing them and giving them fresh water, I added a few cloves of garlic and a couple of bay leaves. Don’t add salt to cooking beans– it toughens their skins. That’s it. I simmered them until they were tender [skimming the surface throughout their cooking].

I drained the water and doused them with a lot of really good olive oil, salt and pepper. The heat and olive oil combined to further soften the outside skins– or so I imagined. The outsides were not as delicate and tender as they are with smaller beans, or maybe it was the extended time on my pantry shelf… but they were delicious.

I served them for dinner with grilled skirt steak and arugula/kale salad with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing. The next evening after my daughter went to sleep I warmed some up, poured on more olive oil and red Hawaiian salt, and had them with a chunk of Stilton and a glass of Beaujolais. She would have wanted me to…

Below is the link to Native Seeds Search. They are a not for profit organization that collects and grows heirloom, native seeds. Their work is amazing and their prices are ridiculously reasonable. Definitely worth your support!



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